Instructions for Using the Directory

The Directory was designed to be a centralized location for anyone seeking LGBTQ-specific services. Here are some examples of what is included and excluded in the Directory to date:

  • INCLUDED: Services dedicated to LGBTQ-people (ex: Gay Men’s Crystal Meth Recovery Group)
  • EXCLUDED: Non-LGBTQ –specific services (ex: Crystal Meth Recovery Group)
  • INCLUDED: Wide-range of services organized under categories for easier searching
  • EXCLUDED: Individual or group practice providers such as medical doctors, behavioral health clinicians, attorneys, accountants, etc. (we hope to build this portion in later versions)

How to Search the Directory

From the Homepage:

In the “Search for” field, type anything you are looking for. You can be as general or detailed as you want. Using the “Near” field, input your address or zip code to find services near you. Examples are:

  1. (search field) “Gay dad’s support group” and  (near field) “60630”
  2. (search field) “Senior housing” and (near field) “Hyde Park”
  3. (search field) “youth social events” and (leaving the near field empty/blank)
  4. (search field) ”lesbian book club” and (leaving the near field empty/blank)
  5. (leaving the search field blank) and (near field) “60630”
  6. (search field) “ProjectVIDA” and (leaving the near field empty/blank) – This option will pull up all services for any agency you type in the search field.

You may also use the Category headings on the lower half of the screen. Simply click on any of these headings to see all the services listed under that category.

To Add a Service to the Directory that is Not Already Listed

  1. Click the “Add Your Service” button in the top left of the Homepage screen.
  2. Fill out as much of the fields as possible. The more information you enter, the more likely it is that people will find your service in a search. Please make sure that all “*” fields are filled out.
  3. Do not worry about filling out the longitude/latitude – your address will suffice!
  4. Once finished, click the “Review Your Service” button at the bottom of the page.
  5. Review your finished entry. If satisfied, please click the “Submit” button. YOU MUST CLICK “SUBMIT” FOR US TO RECEIVE YOUR SERVICE ENTRY.
  6. We will receive a notification that you have submitted a service to be considered for the Directory. Please allow up to 2 weeks for us review, verify, and post your service if approved.

To Update/Modify an Existing Service Listed on the Directory

  1. Please send an email to notifying us of the information you wish to update and/or modify. We will manually update your service listing. Please allow up to 2 weeks for us to review, verify, and update your service listing.

To Delete an Existing Service Listed on the Directory

  1. Please send an email to with a request to remove the service entry. Please include a contact number and your title. We will need to call you to verify the request to delete the service. Please allow us up to 2 weeks to verify the request and delete the service from the Directory.